Industrial Furnance Services



1.      Secondary Scrap Melting Solutions

Our offered furnaces are able to process many types of scraps, such as;

- Dross

- Contaminated scraps or mixed scraps


- Chips, turnings, etc

Advantages of using this furnace are greatly complied to customer requests, cost effective, optimization in usage, fuel efficiency and controlled process.


2.      Industrial Furnace Dry Out Services

Dry out is a process for removing both the mechanical water (added during the mixing process) and chemical water (originally added in manufacturing) from the refractory.

Dry out must not be confused with curing, which is the process of keeping the refractory material wet or the surrounding atmosphere humid for 24 hours prior to applying heat for drying.

This curing process is required on all cement-bonded refractory to create the most favorable conditions to complete the chemical reactions of the cement and water.


3.      Combustion System Design & Maintenance

Combustion system design and maintenance cater customer needs in standard and specific burner design.



4.      Furnace & Dust Collector Design & Supply