Expansion Joint Fabric




FABRIC XPANSION JOINT are flexible connectors designed to provide stress relief in ducting systems by absorbing movement caused by thermal changes. They also act as vibration isolators, shock absorbers and in some instances, make up for minor misalignment of adjoining ducting or equipment.


Our fabric expansion joints are customized, engineered expansion joints. They are designed and built as per customer specifications and requirements in either circular or rectangular profiles.


Expansion joint fabric offer a series of advantages, in particular in design and construction of installations such as:

- In several direction, the movements are compensated

- No reactive forces on the support points and structures

- Requires little space for installation

- Very Easy adaptation to existing conditions

- High movements in total length very small

- When compared to metal expansion joint is minor reaction

- Resistance to corrosion

- Temperature capacity (-80ºC to over 1200ºC)

- Easy to install and lower cost.